Aham Da Asmi (Beloved, I Am Da) Review

Aham Da Asmi (Beloved, I Am Da)
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Aham Da Asmi (Beloved, I Am Da) ReviewThere are several reasons why every person should read Aham Da Asmi. I have read it, and my life has been changed. That's an extreme statement to make about a book, but you will understand how I could say such a thing when you read Aham Da Asmi.
In Aham Da Asmi, Avatar Adi Da speaks in plain, straightforward language. What I appreciate the most is being addressed so directly-- for in this book, Adi Da speaks directly to the heart, and the more He spoke to my heart, the more He brought my heart to the fore as the one receiving His Revelation. I soon found myself in a "conversation" in which all my real questions were being answered. And the answers were plain Truth, spoken with the clarity and authority of one who knows. This book reveals Adi Da's utter commitment to engaging the heart of every being in a sacred dialogue. I have always looked for people who are interested in the great matters of life and spirituality, and if you are such a person, I am happy to introduce this book to you.Aham Da Asmi (Beloved, I Am Da) OverviewRuchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj has created a series of twenty-three books that He has designated as His "Source-Texts". Of these twenty-three books, the first five form a sub-series called The Five Books Of The Heart Of The Adidam Revelation. These five books communicate the core of Avatar Adi Da's Message to all. Aham Da Asmi, the first of these books, is Avatar Adi Da's Magnificent Confession of His Divine Identity and His Eternal Impulse to Offer Perfect Liberation to all.

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