Avatar Book One of Two (Star Trek Deep Space Nine) Review

Avatar Book One of Two (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)
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Avatar Book One of Two (Star Trek Deep Space Nine) ReviewIn May 2001, Pocket Books published Avatar, a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel, in two volumes. It's written by S.D. Perry, who has previously contributed two stories to The Lives of Dax and has written the novelizations of Timecop and Virus. Under the name Stella Howard, Ms. Perry has written an original novel based on the series Xena: Warrior Princess.
Avatar begins three months after DS9's finale, "What You Leave Behind," and focuses on Colonel Kira's command of the station. A surprise attack by what's left of the Dominion kills hundreds of Starfleet and Bajoran militia officers as well as civilians. As well, an ancient Bajoran text is discovered that incites religious controversy among the populace - one of its prophecies is that the birth of the son of the Emissary (Kasidy Yates' unborn child) will require the death of 10,000. What that actually means will be revealed at the end of the second volume, but several of the more conservative elements of Bajoran religious hierarchy have their own interpretation of it.
We meet again a former Enterprise officer who becomes the station's new chief of security, and are introduced to three new characters - Commander Tiris Jast, a Bolian senior officer who commands the Defiant; Shar, the reticent Andorian science officer; and Elias Vaughn, a longtime Starfleet officer at a crossroads in his life.
I found both volumes of the novel hard to put down. In the post-TOS era, Deep Space Nine has always been my favorite and I'm glad to see the "8th season" begin with a well-considered blend of action, characterization and thought-provoking issues of religion, culture and society. Pocket Books is taking up the threads of themes begun in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine quite effectively and I look forward to further adventures in this series.Avatar Book One of Two (Star Trek Deep Space Nine) OverviewA new era begins in the annals of Deep Space Nine...Star Trek's grittiest and most challenging series may have reached its climatic conclusion on the television screen, but all-new adventures on the frontiers of Federation space continue between the covers of Pocket Books. In the aftermath of the Dominion War that brought the Star Trek universe to the brink of ruin, space station Deep Space Nine - the galaxy's nexus of military and scientific intrigue, situated as it is on the wormhole that links two quadrants - once again becomes a flashpoint of impending Armageddon when a surprise attack cripples the station, killing the First Officer and threatening the fragile peace. Colonel Kira and the surviving crew of DS9 - along with four controverisal new officers - are all that stand against the outbreak of a new conflict and a doom fortold by the Prophets to coincide with the birth of Captain Benjamin Sisko's child. Meanwhile, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise make a startling discovery, one that will determine the course of an entire civilisation and profoundly affect the lives of the crew of Deep Space Nine...

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