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Ten Avatars
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Ten Avatars ReviewI could not put this book down and was like a child opening Christmas presents to see what is hidden in the next one! Shahana has a wonderful fluid writing style, like a well orchestrated symphony with no jarring sounds. Her stories are poignant, funny, nostalgic, introspective, moving and above all written with so much heart. I am looking forward to the next book with bated anticipation from the talented pen of Shahana!Ten Avatars OverviewTen avatars of woman are explored through the telling of little incidents and big turning points in the lives of female protagonists: a little child amidst parental dissonance, a girl at puberty becoming vulnerable to predators, a cynical teenager struggling with her national identity, a young graduate student returning to travel in her native land, an arrange-married wife striving for independence after emigrating, a single woman seeing the reflection of herself in a white man, a first-time mother struggling with motherhood away from home, a divorced woman reinventing herself in foreign land, an early-forties woman embracing the truth of her sexuality, and a woman in her twilight years reflecting back. This collection of stories weaves together intimate cross-cultural experiences, with variegated vignettes unique to the Indian- American expatriate experience in contemporary times, yet reveals the universal essence of being female.

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